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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia


Community really is a complex word with a complex meaning, very powerful and complicated. I believe that a community really can just be a group of people that come together for one common goal, reason, or ideal.

A wide, diverse, yet related group of people that come to work with each other. To love, argue, disagree, compromise. To idealize and combine efforts for their common goal. They ultimately live, work and operate as a machine of many parts.

I, first of all, think of my school as a community. We are a diverse group of students, with many ideas, talents, and interests. But, we all go to school together for the goal of learning. I also belong to the Las Vegas Youth Orchestra, and we come together for music. But, community is also the many people around us.

Artists are another example of a community, one with its own goal. The musical community is one I am close to. We all have our quirks, are whacky, and we fight, argue, and make great creations. But we team up to entertain, express, and inspire with music.

A community takes many different things to operate and function successfully.  First of all, we need many types of people for different things.  Communities need leaders, laborers, teachers, inventors/artists, security, teamwork, and more jobs like these.  Also, a community needs rules to manage well in any logical way.  Basically doing right to our neighbors.

But, there are also those unwritten type rules. Etiquette definitely falls under that category. The music world has many of them. For example, you must never outplay the group, unless soloing. You must also behave in rehearsal, respecting everyone’s time, and getting the best results.

Ultimately, a community is something that means many things to many people. It is essential to our survival from thousands of years ago, all the way into today’s community. Look at our own community of Clark County, many different people, doing many jobs.

In the end, things work out, and life is good. Can you imagine no other human interaction, or the world with no communities at all?

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