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Recreation Zone
by Patty Sullivan
Recreation Program Coordinator
Boulder City Parks & Recreation Department

Recreational Opportunities
People are often unaware of how vital recreation and leisure are to the quality of their lives. While fun, happiness and play are vital to growth and development, the expanded role of public parks and recreation is more critical than ever. Whether we know it or not, programs, services, events and opportunities offered by local, state and national recreation agencies positively impact many areas of our lives.

A man named Levi, I didn’t get his last name, came into the Recreation Department asking what the City had to offer in the way of recreational opportunities. Of course, beaming with pride, I jumped at the opportunity to tell him about our many offerings. Levi explained to me that he is here to work on the new dam bridge inspecting soil compactions. I briefly told him that my grandparents came here in 1931 for the prospect of working on the dam, built the first privately built house in Boulder City and we’ve lived here ever since.

Levi is a mountain climber and inquired about using our parks to put straps between trees to hone his balance. He was conscientious of the size of the tree, protecting tree bark, and the height of the line for safety precautions. At this point, a picture formed in my mind of one of the historical photographs I’ve seen of a dam worker balancing on a structure high above the dam.

I had this amazing mental flash transporting me back in time to when my grandparents Tom and Erma Godbey were new residents to Boulder City and their conscience efforts to develop events to draw people together. Next my mind flashed to civil engineer John H. Meursinge who worked on the dam from 1931 – 1935, who notes in his writings that the men were bored by the lack of recreation.

Recreational opportunities were important in people’s lives in the 1930s and are important in people’s lives today. Some things will never change.

For more recreation information, contact the Recreation Department at 293-9256 or visit the Recreation Department office at 900 Arizona Street.

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