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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

I am fortunate to have many people I call “Grandma” or “Grandpa”. They are all involved in my life, always there for me. Unlike some friends I have, I absolutely love to be around them. Many Saturdays I even beg to spend time with my Grandma Marietta. But, I am very lucky to have so many around me that I look up to.

It is quite interesting to see the difference in their personalities. My Grandfather, Arthur, is a very literate person, but has a lot of fun. Grandma “Hunni” and her husband, (Step) Grandpa Doug, are very traditional grandparents, and very religious. My (Step) Grandma Susie, Grandma Louis and Grandpa Charlie (older sibling’s grandparents) are genuinely kind people, and are always in a happy mood. Then there is my Grandma Marietta and Grandma Cindy (family friend). They constantly are complaining and nagging, but I am very close to them.

All my “grandparents” have always spent much time with my younger sister and myself. I have memories as young as three years old when my grandmother Marietta would take me to lunch, or just spend the day with me. Grandma Susie would take me to movies when I was little. When I got interested in baseball, I remember my then 70-year-old grandpa giving me the, “Art’s Camp for Future All-stars”. We woke up early, ate a nutritious breakfast, and would exercise and train. He even jogged a little, played catch, and taught me how to bat. Those summers with Grandma Hunni are memorable, meeting new people, going to church often. We even visited museums and nature sites, and took a road trip to see family in New Mexico. My sister and I always have a lot of fun.

My favorite part about my grandparents is their cooking. Grandma Marietta makes delicious traditional American food (unhealthy!) and it is delicious. My Grandma Hunni and Grandpa Art always often make traditional Spanish food. I am always trying new food, and it is always interesting!

As you can see, I am close to my grandparents. I even have people like my great-Uncle Bob who are close like a grandparent. Our senior generation is very wise, and has valuable experiences to teach us to “do better”, but are also very loving and fun to have around.

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