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Spotlight on Business

The 3/50 Project

by Amy Arnaz

Since learning of the 3/50 Project a few months ago, I see threads of it everywhere.  This movement has an official name, but here in Boulder City we have been practicing its philosophy forever: “Support your local merchants.”

What does 3/50 mean?  It means to pick 3 local merchants that you want to see survive in Boulder City and between these 3 merchants spend $50 a month rather than spend the $50 at a mega-retailer in Las Vegas.  A blog says it this way:

“Could be those three. Another three. Doesn’t matter. It’s about funneling revenue back into local business. You know-the folks that pour money back into the community via commercial property taxes, payroll taxes, sales tax, and salaries (not to mention all that good will by way of volunteer time, silent auctions, sponsored softball teams, workshops, book signings, etc.).”

Need paint, electrical supplies and potting soil?  You can get that right here in Boulder City at Ace or Home Hardware.  Need a flower delivery?  Call Edie’s or BC Florist.  Need copies?  Visit Post Net or Bee’s.  Need a birthday gift for your sweetheart?  Stop by Periwinkle or any of the shops inside the Boulder Dam Hotel.  What about dinner?  Why drive over the hill? Support one of our many great restaurants.

Like the quote above states, it is our local merchants that support most activities in town, from our softball teams, to our ballet company, and everything in between.  If you have ever walked into a local merchant to ask for a donation for your club, team or event, consider whether or not you have ever personally supported that merchant by spending your money there.  Have you?  Do you patronize our local grocery stores, pharmacies, gift shops, restaurants, hardware stores, florists, interior decorators, plumbers, electricians, air conditioning services, hospital, theatre, masseuses, gyms?  If not, get to know our local merchants.  They are folks who live here and are deeply committed to our community.  Learn their first names and spend your money in their shops. Don't waste time and gas to drive over the hill for the same item.

Having owned Dance Etc. for 28 years and now owning the Boulder Theatre and directing the Boulder City Ballet Company, I know first hand how frequently local businesses are approached for “donations” and how much money we donate back to this community.  So please support us in return!  Keep your money right here in Boulder City so we can in turn support you.  If just 100 people would apply the philosophy of the 3/50 project each month, $5,000 would stay right here instead of going over the hill into the pockets of mega-stores.  Stay at home.  Shop at home.  Get to know your local merchants.  After all, we are your neighbors!

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