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Library Corner
by S. Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Director
Boulder City Library

Donated Materials
Since arriving in Southern Nevada, I have discovered that the residents of Boulder City are both very generous and very recycle-oriented. One of the ways the public has proven this to me over and over has been through the donation of books and other items to the Library.

You all seem to particularly not want a book to go to waste. The Library maintains our paperback trading collection totally based on your donations. Other donated materials are added to the collection based on need. Donated materials that we do not add to our collection are saved for The Book Sale sponsored by the Noon Rotary Club. In turn, the funds the Noon Rotary Club earns at the Book Sale are given to the Library so that we may purchase more materials, provide programs, and more.

Until the Book Sale is held, we store donated materials that we are not adding to our collection in the basement of the Library. Not only do we use the basement for storage, but our basement is used by other organizations. The Museum and the Henderson Public Library both rent storage space from us. Each year we also provide storage and a distribution location to Boulder City Emergency Aid for their Christmas Angel Tree project. So, we may not have quite as much space available to store materials for the Book Sale as you might think.

Because storage space is at a premium, we have had to limit the types of materials we accept for donations. Because we do not add them to the collection and they do not sell at the Book Sale, we no longer accept the following donated materials: Magazines, Text books, Readers Digest Condensed Books, Reel-to-Reel Tapes, 8-Track Tapes, Records (LPs or 45s), 16mm or 8mm film, Beta or U-matic videocassettes, Encyclopedia Sets and Computer Software (due to licensing issues).

We are happy to continue to accept the following donated materials: Books, CDs (music or audio books), DVDs, Audio Cassettes (music or audio books), VHS videocassettes, and Video games.

Thank you for thinking of the Boulder City Library.

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