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Library Corner
by S. Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Director
Boulder City Library

Tax Time
Let me start this by saying: Please, do not shoot the messenger. I will continue by making a statement of the reasonably obvious: It’s Tax Time! Beginning in January of each year, the Boulder City Library distributes Federal Tax Forms and Instruction Booklets to the public.

The Government sends us these forms to distribute. As long as supplies last, we are happy to make these forms available free of charge. However, the Government does not send us ALL of the possible tax forms and booklets to distribute. Most of the other tax forms and instruction booklets are available online for you to print out from the website Staff will be happy to point out our collection of tax forms or log you on to a computer so you can get the forms you need. The staff can not, though, help you with filling out your tax forms or even in deciding which forms you need. Library Staff Members are not Tax Professionals.

A group that may be able to help you with your taxes, AARP, meets at the Boulder City Library every Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. AARP provides assistance with tax forms, but you must have an appointment to get this assistance. To set up an appointment or for questions about the AARP Tax Program, please call 293-3320. As I said, this program is presented by AARP, and it is not a Library sponsored program. The group simply uses our Community Center Room as a place to present their Tax Program. I want to make sure AARP gets the credit they deserve.

Now, to try to take a little of the pain out of tax time, I have a short Tax Quote Trivia Quiz for you. Can you name who said each of these different quotes about Taxes? (Answers will be available at the Boulder City Library after February 1, 2009.)

1. Taxes are the chief business of a conqueror of the world.
2. Death and taxes and childbirth! There’s never any convenient time for any of them!
3. As I went about with my father when he collected taxes, I knew that when taxes were laid, some one had to work to earn the money to pay them.

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