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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

Save The Arts!

Music. What a beautiful thing. As an orchestra student, it is very close to my heart. But, if you have a child, or follow the news, you may know about the recent tragedy (in my opinion) that has been occurring in our school district: budget cuts.

Clark County School District has been scrambling to cut $120,000,000 from the budget. And guess what the top two programs are to be sent to the chopping block: sports and arts. The school district has over 295,000 students. Imagine the effect. The good news is that at the town hall meetings, these two programs are the ones with the most votes to be kept.

The arts do more than a person thinks. Mathematics grades have been shown to improve over music. Music is soothing, and allows people to relax and calm down. The arts allow a person to access their creative side, then release many important thoughts and/or ideas and inventions. The greatest intellect of the 20th century, Albert Einstein (in my opinion), once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” And he backed up that statement. In fact, he carried a violin with him everywhere he went. It also took TONS of creativity to write something no one ever thought or even dared before, his famous E=MC2. That took so much creativity, yet we don’t think of that.

But, the programs WILL NOT BE KEPT without you! You, the American and Nevada citizen and/or voter, is who I, and many hundreds of other students, are relying on. I am going to do EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to keep these subjects. We are a team. I feel like this is another Mr. Holland’s Opus.  If you don’t do this for me, do it for all the students. For the teachers. For the future. And most important and close to your hearts, do it for your children and grandchildren.

You can see my point. These programs are definitely important. Show our legislators we didn’t elect them to work for themselves and lay around. The Nevada legislator’s employers: US. The Nevada people. E-mail me at and go to http://savethearts. to sign my petition. We can do this!

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