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Boulder City History
by Roseanne Shoaff, Manager
Boulder Dam Hotel

"This Place Matters"
n May 2008, the National Trust for Historic Preservation launched a campaign slogan, This Place Matters, which was created to encourage people across America to share historic places that matter. Boulder City’s Historic District consists of 514 buildings with the Bureau of Reclamation Building as the focal point and encompasses 19 streets which are divided into 5 designated areas.

Area one of the Historic District is the Bureau of Reclamation Residential Area. The homes in this area were built by the federal government between June 1931 through March 1932, and were built to house the superintendents and engineers overseeing the building of Hoover Dam. These homes are located along Denver and Colorado Streets.

The second area of the District is located on Birch and Cherry Streets. These homes were built in 1939 by Southern California Edison for power operators working at the Dam.

During 1931, Six Companies built 230 single and double homes to house the general contractors and their families working on the Dam. In 1932 Six Companies built 430 additional dwellings. These properties are located on Avenues B, C, D, F, and California. This is the third area.

The fourth area of the Historic District is the Commercial District. The original plan was composed of arched commercial blocks surrounded by 3 landscaped parking areas located in the center of town. The only two businesses that adhered to the plan were the Boulder Dam Theatre, built in 1932, and the Uptown Hardware Store, built in 1939. The most conspicuous deviation to the plan was the Southern Colonial style of the Boulder Dam Hotel, built in 1933. Finally, in 1941 the Nevada Drug building was built with a prefabricated International Style. Nevada Way and Arizona Street are the main thoroughfares of the Commercial District.

The fifth area of theHistoric District included the Parks and Recreation facilities. The Bureau of Reclamation housed the offices of Hoover Dam’s Chief Construction Engineers along with other staff members. Other facilities included an elementary school, which today is City Hall, and a high school, which today is the Recreation Center. Our current municipal building was created to house the city manager’s office, the police department, and the first public library.

On behalf of the Boulder City Museum and Historical Association.

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