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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Boulder City's Energy Zone
Boulder City is unique in Nevada for many reasons. Our City has a growth ordinance and we do not allow gambling. We take pride in our small town atmosphere and we are conservative in city government. We can also be proud of Boulder City’s choice to promote green energy. We are leaders in our state and country when it comes to solar energy.

Past political leaders had the wisdom and vision to obtain the Eldorado Valley. Part of that vision was to set aside an area for solar energy. I am proud to state that we are achieving that goal today. Solar One is currently producing energy with their state of the art solar technology. They are also in the process of expanding their operations. The lease revenue from Nevada Solar brings revenue to Boulder City in the amount of $550,000. Their expansion plans would also bring into the City $1 million annually.

Another exciting project recently approved by the City Council is the lease with Eldorado Energy. Their project is a photovotaic solar field. They are building their first phase now, which will produce 10 megawatts and later will expand to a much larger project. The attraction with their project is that is uses very little water. This project including the expansion, when completed will bring to Boulder City over $800,000 in lease revenue.

Boulder City is also advertising over 1100 acres of land for green energy production. Lease revenue from this land could generate around $1.6 million for our City. We have also included in the land management plan another large area to be considered for solar energy that is located to the west and south of the dry lakebed.

What does all this mean for Boulder City residents? Solar energy is important for our future and our little City is stepping up to the plate and delivering the prime location for this renewable resource. These energy leases will generate a substantial amount of lease revenue.

Our City budget needs these lease revenues to stay in good financial position when our state economy is facing challenges. The “energy zone” is a real gem for Southern Nevada.

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