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Library Corner
by S. Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Director
Boulder City Library

Large Print Books
The use of large print books is on the rise. Contrary to the belief of many people, our large print books are not only for people who are visually challenged. Anyone who uses the library can and may borrow books from our large print collection. Large print type is, on the average, about 40-45% larger than standard print.

I like to read large print books when I’m reading at night because I find my eyes don’t get tired as quickly and I can read longer. The same is true if I’m somewhere that the light isn’t always so great, such as on an airplane. As long as someone else is driving, I can read while I’m in a car. Large print text makes it even easier! (I do not recommend reading while driving unless you are listening to an audio book and reading with your ears, but that is another article for another month!)

Another myth about large print books is that the books are abridged or do not have the complete text of the standard print books. A long time ago, large print books were physically much larger in overall size than a “regular” book, but due to advances in the printing industry, it is possible to make a large print book about the same size as a regular book and still have all the same text in the book.

One of the secrets is that in a large print book you will find much narrower margins and far less white space on each page.

Yet another myth about large print library books is that you have to take what you find on the shelf. Not so! As with other materials, you can place a hold on the large print editions, and we will give you a call when the item is ready for you.

Unfortunately, not every book that is published is available in large print, but more are being published every year. Sometimes we have to wait a little longer for a large print edition of a title to hit the market, but more large print titles are seeing a simultaneous release date with the standard print edition. I’m sure that if the industry sees a continued increase of use in large print books, they will make the materials even more available to the public.

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