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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

Junior High School
I have been in middle school for nearly two months. It is one TOTALLY different experience. I attend B. Mahlon Brown Junior High School. I am in all accelerated classes, the orchestra (violin), and I’m in an early bird (extracurricular during the morning) leadership (student council) class. One of my first impressions was “Freedom AT LAST!!!”

In junior high, you are given much more freedom because instead of 1 teacher like in grades K-4 or four teachers in grade five, you have 6 teachers and more if you have clubs or leadership. You also pass through the halls on your own. It is amazing!

Lunch is WAY more expensive ($2.00 to $3.00), but there are many more tasty choices like teriyaki chicken. Passing through the halls on my own is an enjoyable freedom, but I only have four minutes. For example, in between my 2nd period orchestra and 3rd period ACC science, I have to RUN through the halls in order to get all the way across the school and get into the classroom on time. AAAH!

My favorite teacher of my second favorite class is my orchestra teacher, Mr. Travers. He is very patient. He actually plays cello for the Las Vegas Philharmonic Orchestra. Mr. T. is funny, constantly joking to release tension. But, during concert rehearsals, he is VERY serious.

My second favorite teacher of my favorite class is my English teacher Mr. Zeich. He is sometimes humorous, and teaches us to use a strong voice and “Show him, not tell him” in our writing.

Clubs are quite interesting. This quarter, I’m in a media club on Mondays and Wednesdays where I use video cameras and learn about radio broadcasts. It is fantastic to have these fun extra curricular activities as options and that our school offers so many clubs (Thanks Ms. Scammon for all your work!).

Middle school is quite unique. I’m looking forward with excitement to the 2008-2009 school year. Hello to my friends Jenny Zeich, Emily, Wyatt Boesch and Spencer Shapiro.

If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me at Good luck to all Clark County School District students. Go Brown Bears!

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