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Home Care
by Scott Sauer
Advanced Structural Inspections

Winter Water Schedule
It’s the time of year that over-watering your yard can cause damage to the structure, hard surfaces and yard walls. As the outside temperatures cool, the amount of water needed for vegetation is greatly reduced. Excess moisture is less able to evaporate and will cause settling around hard surfaces, penetrate yard walls causing cosmetic damage and may exert pressure on the house and yard wall foundations that can cause major structural damage.

We are moving into the winter months and residents will only be allowed to water one day per week. Check the Southern Nevada Water Authority's table on their web site for your watering days which are listed by group. To determine your group, you may visit the website Enter your address and you will find your group. You may also call them at (702) 822-8571 and have them answer your questions.

Water Waste Fees and Policies
When you sign up for water service with the Las Vegas Valley Water District, you agree to abide by their service rules. Wasting water is a violation of the Service Rules and could result in a water waste fee on your bill and/or termination of service. Water waste fees are based on meter size and violation history, and increase during advanced stages of drought.

Most homes water mains are 1" or less and we are currently in a drought alert, so fines will be based on the second table provided by LVVWD. However, a fine should not be the motivation for setting your watering clocks correctly. Preventing damage to the structure and the hard surfaces should be the ultimate motivating factor. Protect your home and your property and help the State of Nevada with its water conservation efforts at the same time.

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