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The Arts
by Darrell McGarvey
Boulder City Art Guild

Art In Boulder City -
Ihla Crowley

I first wrote about Ihla last year and feel an update is due. Her work depicts many of the new places she has visited during the year as well as photos from previous trips.

She is currently the Featured Artist at the Boulder City Art Gallery. Drop by the Boulder Dam Hotel and up the stairs to Suite 104. There in cubicle 1 is a beautiful display of her most current work. The one we picked here is a fascinating photo of Santorini, Greece. The buildings surely wouldn’t pass the Boulder City Code but make a very interesting and color filled photograph.

Drifter Sister is Ihla’s alter ego because she travels all over the world and has spent summers working at national parks and other remote locations. Her passions are travel and photography, and she is pleased to be able to share some of the beautiful and interesting sights she’s seen. African people, landscapes, birds and animals are some of her favorite subjects. Photos from desert wildflowers to penguins and icebergs in the Antarctic are abundant. Scenes of the Oregon coast, Italy, Peru and the Galapagos Islands can be found in galleries in Nevada, including the Boulder City Art Guild.

All of Ihla’s creations are signed, limited edition, digital photographs. Some are enhanced with various artistic techniques that make them truly unique works of art. She calls this technique Photo Art.

Her most recent adventure is “Catch The Wind Tours,” through which she leads small-group, semi-autonomous tours to villas and exciting destinations throughout the world.

To learn more, read her stories, learn about her tours, and view her photo collection, visit her website at

When you come into the Art Gallery to see her work, be sure to look around. We have a lot of new artists for you to seek out and enjoy their work also.

Visit the Boulder City Art Guild at

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