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Tech Tip
by Brad Appleby
Appleby Arts

High Tech and Mechanics

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High tech and mechanics are two of the things that I really enjoy. One new high tech mechanical product I found, “The SwashBot,” is a 3-legged robot based on remote control helicopter eccpm (Cyclic/Collective Pitch Mixing) swash control. That is the high tech information; here is the low tech information: It’s cute!

The creator, I-Wei Huang, has made 3 versions so far. These are one of a kind machines created by Mr. Huang. To see others, visit his website at But as a warning, be ready to spend some time there because he has a lot of great ideas! Mr. Huang likes to use good old steam engines to power all kinds of crazy new high tech mechanical things. By the way, I already checked and there are no kits available. Yet! However, he is working on a “steam spider” which will be sold as a kit in the future.

I can’t get enough of inventions. If you are like me then check out the website This web site has all kinds of new high tech mechanical things and other great ideas to get your mind working. There are a lot of DIY (do it yourself) kits listed there, like the Mousebot Kit with which you make an easy to build light chasing robot. I like kits because they help get beginners started on the road to cool new high tech mechanical inventions. If you want to learn about high tech solar technology, then you might try the Solarspeeder kit. When built, the Solarspeeder will travel 10 feet in under 40 seconds in direct sunlight. If you would like to check out more great high tech inventions, visit

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