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Short Stories

An Evening With The Mindfreak
by Ev Chase

I thought it was a dream, or magic, that caused two beautiful young ladies to poke their heads through the front door of Chase The Bookseller, Boulder City’s book store on Nevada Way and Arizona Street. It was February 1st, but I couldn’t remember if that date was special. It wasn’t like the Ides of March, and certainly not my birthday.

They were there to ask a favor. I wasn’t sure why I was shaking my head yes before I knew what the favor was. I thought it might be my training from living around women all my life. I later found out it probably wasn’t the ladies causing my head to bobble; it was more likely the power of the “MINDFREAK” for whom they represented. They wanted to use my book store as a location for the filming of a MINDFREAK episode on A&E.

Since I thought the crowd the young ladies promised may help the newly opened book store, my answer was a cautious yes. When they left I hastened to find my directors’ chair. I placed the elevated wooden chair, with canvas seat and back, at the end of the counter against the wall so I would have the best seat. After all, it was my theater.

As it turned out we were overwhelmed with people numbering many more than we are likely to fit into the store again. Not worrying about being a gracious host, I had one of the only seats in the house. The remaining furniture consisted of a small round glass table and four chairs which were used for the demonstration, maybe a folding chair somewhere, and several bookcases shy of what we have now. I wondered how we ended up finding space for the number of people coming in for the show.

The star of the show, Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, stage name Criss Angel, has been interested in art forms since the age of 6. His creative career has led him from “performance artist to musician to mystifier and provocateur”.

He created, produces, directs and stars in MINDFREAK, his A&E television show which ranks #1 in international markets, and is also a best selling DVD set.

Criss was named 2001, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2008 Magician of the Year. He has appeared on NBC’s Las Vegas, The Late Show With David Letterman, Late Nite with Conan O’Brian, The Late, Late Show With Craig Fergusen, The Ryan Seacrest Morning Show, The Opie and Anthony Show, Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel Live, as well as all the major networks. In the near future, Criss will be presenting a live show at the Luxor in partnership with Cirque Du Soleil.

Criss entered my book store with an entourage of cameramen, supporters, followers, and fellow showman, Sully Erna. Sully made a name for himself in the recording business as a singer and musician performing with Godsmack in concert and film. Sully drummed Godsmack’s first two releases and was signed officially as a Yamaha Artist.

This night, Sully did not come to show his musical talents. He was there for a special Celebrity Show and performed a few mind-games as coached by the man from MINDFREAK, Criss Angel. Criss came to film another episode of his popular television program to further display his talents as an illusionist, magician, mentalist and other activities one has to see to believe.

Criss Angel was not in town just to perform card tricks and mind reading. As a matter of fact, the following day Angel appeared at Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City to escape from a car before it flew off a cliff. Many of his tricks and illusions are physical. He has been seen walking on water, levitating, and laying down on a bed of glass while a steamroller rolled over him.

I’m a skeptic, yes, but maybe, just maybe, from what I saw on that night in my store, the MINDFREAK is the real deal.

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