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Library Corner
by Lynn Schofield-Dahl, Assistant Director
Boulder City Library

Library Collections

Libraries open doors and windows and let the whole world in, if you will let them.

As soon as my mom allowed me to walk to the library by myself, the library became a very important part of my life. I read a lot of stories, particularly mysteries, but I read a lot of nonfiction, too. I read about animals, people, cooking, crafts, and other countries. If a subject caught my fancy, I read everything I could find on that subject. When I ran out of new books on a subject, or ran out of books by a favorite author, I’d go back and start reading those same books again because that was my only option.

Today things are so very different for library users. Not only do the people who use the Boulder City Library have the collection of our library available to them, but you have the combined collections of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District, the Henderson District Public Libraries and the North Las Vegas Library District available to you as well.

According to the Nevada Public Library statistics from 2007, that is well over one million items that you can use. Not only can you walk into those libraries and borrow materials with your library card, but in some cases you don’t even have to leave town to borrow a book from one of those other libraries.

If you use the internet at home, you can even browse the catalogs of those other libraries online, so you can get an idea of what is available just for the asking. If the book is on the shelf at another library, they will send it to us by way of the delivery van, and we’ll give you a call so you can stop by and pick it up.

In these days of high gasoline prices and tightening budgets, it’s another way that we can help to bring the world to you.

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