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A Kid's View
by Giovanni Venezia

The Reason I Celebrate The Ocean
Dolphins are quite extraordinary sea mammals! In fact, I celebrate the ocean because of these gorgeous creatures. I absolutely adore dolphins from their unique form of communication (various clicking noises) to their simple beauty. I have always loved this marine animal, but just what is it that makes this one stand out from the rest?

There are 3 main things I find really interesting and that make me celebrate this animal, and the ocean for that matter. The first reason is the way they get along with other creatures. Dolphins are extremely social creatures. I love the way they are so playful with humans. Some dolphins even allow humans to swim with them. Dolphins also interact quite well with animals like seabirds and turtles. It is extremely entertaining to see dolphins do those really cool jumps in and out of the water. They look like a bunch of water acrobats. (I find this especially cool!)

Another reason I find dolphins such cool animals is the way they “talk”. Dolphins communicate using various noises called vocalizations. The sounds are usually known as whistles. People also call dolphin noises burst-pulsed sounds or clicks. Dolphins do this because they have little eyesight, so it is also used for echolocation. Their clicks are amongst some of the loudest sounds made by many echolocation-using animals in the sea. Imagine us humans running around, "click, click, eeek!” to talk to each other. That would be very awkward.

Finally, I find Dolphins interesting because of the way these sea critters are so smart! The dolphin is thought to be the most intelligent animal in the ocean. They even sleep with their eyes open to watch for predators. They can also be trained to do cool tricks!

As you can see, I have an extreme interest in dolphins. I never would have gotten interested in the ocean if it wasn’t for dolphins, and I wouldn’t care for the ocean.

My favorite dolphin is the bottlenose dolphin. They have quite unique noses! That is why I celebrate the ocean. Why do you?

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