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Home Care
by Scott Sauer
Advanced Structural Inspections

Swamp Coolers
When it comes to cost-efficient cooling of dry climates in the hot summer, nothing beats an evaporative cooler. Less expensive to both purchase and operate than traditional air conditioning systems utilizing refrigerant, an evaporative cooler will provide cooling comfort without wreaking havoc on your wallet.

However, swamp coolers often times require a bit more maintenance than portable air conditioners, but its often minor. Generally speaking, the optimal time to start maintaining your air cooler is right before summer, so that your system will be ready for use once the warmer months approach. Here is a general time line to follow:

Spring Cleaning: (1) Uncover your cooler, remove the panels and clean out any debris in the water pan at the bottom. (2) Check the motor’s fan belt tension. When pressed, it should move about one-half inch. Lightly oil the bearing on the blower assembly and the motor. (3) Install new cooler pads. (4) Reconnect the water line and turn on the water supply. Check the float valve and make sure it is operating properly. (5) Switch on the cooler motor and the re-circulating pump, making sure the cooler pads are being evenly saturated with water.

Winterize: (1) Get rid of minerals in the bottom tray, and clean out the tray by draining the water and gently scraping it out. (2) Inspect the water trough for clogged holes. (3) Thoroughly dry the tray and inspect it for signs of cracking. (4) Coat the entire tray with submarine sealer or another product to prevent rust. (5) Cover your cooler to protect it and to keep cold air out of your house.

Although these units are very efficient, it is important to keep them clean and properly maintained. With the addition of dust, dirt, leaves or other material, these units can become a breeding ground for micro-organisms. Our unusually mineral laden water tends to cause the pads and pans to deteriorate rather quickly. Regular maintenance is essential to the health of the system. If properly maintained and serviced they can provide a cheap alternative to cooling costs for many years to come.

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