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The Arts
by Darrell McGarvey
Boulder City Art Guild

Artist Profile -
Judy  Barton

Boulder City knows Judy from her time spent teaching art and photography at Boulder City High School and the Community College of Southern Nevada. Many know her from her adult art classes each week at the Boulder Dam Hotel.

She is also known as a fine art juror and judge at many art shows including the Black Mountain Art Competition, Boulder City Fine Arts Festival, Art in the Park and the National Congressional High School Art Competition.

Maybe you know her from her own distinctive watercolor style on display at the Boulder City Art Guild Gallery. I know her as a gracious, exuberant and delightful person. You know, the kind of person that always has a smile on her face and a good word for everyone.

Judy has helped an untold number of people discover their art talent. She says, “I strongly feel everyone is capable of making art. If I can help someone find the joy of discovering their talents, I consider myself successful.”

She enjoys using a variety of media from graphite and colored pencil to acrylics. Judy’s graphite and pencil drawings tend toward realistic while her watercolor and acrylic works lean toward abstraction and color relationships. She has never settled for one particular medium as, “each one has a unique quality for expressing a specific feeling or creating a special atmosphere,” as she describes it. She continues, “I feel a person learns from each drawing or painting experience. Strong contrast, color manipulation and utilizing negative space are cornerstones in my work.” This is well illustrated in the photo of her watercolor “Lakeside” shown here.

Her current paintings are mainly influenced by the great Southwest. She enjoys spending time photographing the mountains, canyons, ghost towns and activities that are unique to this area and she uses them for inspiration.

Judy’s work can be seen at the Boulder City Art Gallery open seven days a week in the Boulder Dam Hotel. If you keep your eye on the art around town you may catch some more of her work at various locations. For more information you can contact her through the gallery at 293-2138.

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