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Mayor's Brief
by Roger Tobler
Boulder City Mayor

Traffic Update
This is a wonderful time of the year! There are many events and festivities happening this month and throughout the rest of the year. I encourage everyone to experience the upcoming activities. These events bring life to our town and enhance our small town lifestyle.

I would like to give a brief update on what the city is attempting to accomplish before the Hoover Dam bridge project is finished. We all know that the added traffic and especially the truck traffic will impact our roads. It will affect our traffic safety and increase delays for our residents.

We have met with NDOT and have received commitments that safety improvements will be made along Highway 93 up to the Buchanan intersection before the opening of the bridge. While these improvements will not alleviate the traffic congestion, they will make it safer for the residents to access Highway 93. Delays will still exist. Traffic lights are not an option at this point. We do not control this road as a city and the state is not willing to place lights on Highway 93 due to grade issues and traffic counts. We will continue to ask NDOT to readdress slowing traffic measures as we monitor the traffic.

Fortunately the city council and manager, with the help of Congressman Porter, asked that funds for these improvements come from the federal money earmarked for the bypass. If this had not been done, these safety projects would have no funding.

The city is looking at alternate routes for the residents northwest of Highway 93. The goal is to provide a safer route with less traffic for those residents. So far we have had only preliminary discussions and are proceeding with an engineering study to explore possibilities.

We are also in the process of looking at alternatives to improve the Buchanan intersection. NDOT will be bringing back some options for the city to review. We are your representatives and we want to make improvements that are in the best interests of our residents.

Although we face some challenges, we live in a unique community which offers many benefits. I am grateful to be serving as your mayor and I thank all who make our community a wonderful place to live.

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