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A Kid's View
by Ellie Gleich

Fall Fun

This month was a lot of fun. I went to the Mississippi River, I went shopping, and I spent the night with my friends. My grades in school are great also, but I am still trying to pull off straight A’s.

Well it’s not that cold yet so we took one last trip to the river. My mom came out to the river with us. She never does that because she had back surgery and she thought she would start hurting. But she said she had fun. 3 summers ago I tried to water ski but I could never get up. This summer I did! It was so much fun, but after a while my butt started getting cramps and my legs where burning. After I was done water skiing my dad tried it, but for some reason he couldn’t get up out of the water. After water skiing we stopped at a little sand bar and watched a guy barefoot water skiing. He was really cool to watch.

Shopping was great too! I got a whole bunch of new clothes. I got a new tank top, 4 new long sleeve shirts, 2 short sleeve shirts, and a new laptop. My clothes are so comfortable, and I am really excited about my new laptop! I use my laptop all the time! I am happy I have a computer in my room now so I can get on it whenever I want to, and can take it on my bed or anywhere around the house. When I go on trips with my parents, I can take it with me! I am not allowed to take it over to my friends’ houses though.

When I spent the night at my friend’s house, it was so much fun! When I got there, 2 of my other friends were there so we all hung out for a while but then they both had to go home. When we went up to my friend’s bedroom, we blasted the music up! When it got dark, I found a strobe light in her room, we turned it on, blasted the music up then started dancing. And then we started throwing stuff at each other. After a while we got headaches, so we stopped. So we watched a movie, it was called “The Blair Witch Project”. In the beginning it was boring, in the middle it got exiting, but at the end it was pretty freaky. But I know it isn’t a true story. The kids that where in the movie that died started showing up at the award ceremonies for their movie. I thought the movie was all right for what they had. After the movie, we went to bed at 3 am, we were really tired.

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