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Travel Now
by Ihla Crowley
Drifter Sister

Two Helpful Web Sites
Nowadays more and more of us are making our own travel arrangements, primarily due to the prevalence of do-it-yourself websites such as Travelocity, Expedia, and so on. This is especially so for airline tickets.

Travel agencies no longer receive commissions from the airlines, so many would rather not be bothered, and you’re stuck on your own whether you want to be or not. You can call the various airlines, but that’s time consuming and how do you know you are getting the most convenient route and best fare? You are at the mercy of the booking agent with whom you are dealing, and it can be a jungle out there.

I have found a handy website that can make your search less complicated and time consuming. Created by engineers at MIT, is a search engine that provides the most complete list of flight options and prices for a given itinerary. It also warns you about drawbacks, like long layovers, short connection times, or if you will be flying a prop plane. You cannot purchase tickets from this site, but once you have found which carrier best suits your needs for the lowest price you can then go to that carrier’s website and book your flights.

Next, it would be nice to have a good seat. A handy website for this is Have you ever requested a window seat to enjoy the view, only to be over the wing, unable to see a thing? Or worse, found yourself placed right next to the bathroom, or in a seat that doesn’t recline? Since all of the planes are different, a seat in a good position on one may be rotten on another. When booking a flight, you don’t want to be at the mercy of the booking agent or random choice of the airline.

So I suggest you first go to to find the price and itinerary best for you, noting the brand and model of the aircraft. Then go to to pick out a nice seat. If you call the carrier armed with this info, you at least have a modicum of control over your journey through the jungle of airline booking.

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