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Reid Report
by Senator Harry Reid
Senate Majority Leader

Giving Nevadans Hope
Thousands of Nevadans suffer from devastating illnesses and conditions that have no cure. Embryonic stem cell research holds much promise for medical breakthroughs for a wide range of illnesses such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimers, diabetes, heart disease and spinal-cord injuries.

As Nancy Reagan—who watched with great courage as Alzheimer’s took her husband—said about embryonic stem cell research, “I just don’t see how we can turn our backs on this… We have lost so much time already.  I just really can’t bear to lose any more.” 

Every day in Washington, I’m working on new ways to improve the quality of life for Nevadans.  One way of doing this is by supporting and investing in promising scientific research.  Unfortunately, the President’s current embryonic stem cell research policy will not allow our best and brightest researchers to fully explore the life-saving potential of stem cells.  

Last year, a bipartisan majority in both chambers of Congress passed legislation to expand the current embryonic stem cell research policy, only to see it vetoed by the President.  This bill also proposed some strict ethical guidelines that are stricter than the guidelines currently in place. 

I will not rest until I see that everything possible is being done to help alleviate pain and suffering and to save lives.  Thousands of families across Nevada cannot afford to wait any longer.  That is why I reintroduced legislation, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, on the first legislative day of the 110th Congress in January. This legislation provides hope to all of the patients and their families who are in desperate need of treatments for their conditions.  We must do everything we can to advance medicine and bring an end to needless pain and suffering. 

I continue the fight because I believe it is one of the most important causes I have worked on in my career.  Patients are depending on us to turn their hopes for cures into a reality and I remain strongly committed to seeing that this promising research has the opportunity to live up to its full potential.
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