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A Kid's View
by Ellie Gleich

Snow Days
Well the blizzard is gone! Yea that’s right, I have just been through my first blizzard! It started out with a lot of rain, then it got really, really cold and the water froze on the streets! But the worst part is it started snowing and it was really, really windy. But, as you can see, I survived.

The power went out 3 times, but fortunately not for long. I got 2 days off from school because of the snow! Snowdays! I love snowdays! One day we were going to get out at 1:00 p.m. but we didn’t because it stopped snowing. But the next day we got out at 12:00 p.m. because it was really windy. Then we got the following day off as a snowday so I didn’t have to go to school at all. But now the snow is all melting and it's back to school for me.

Well, that isn’t the only thing that is going on here! In Yankton we have something called River Boat Days. It’s like Art In The Park but up here it’s even bigger and it is in August. Anyway, for River Boat Days, when it comes, I am going to set up a booth. It’s going to be a booth that has really cool stuff like blow up swords and little blow up couches. The little blow up couches float so when people are out in the water they can just hop right on them. I know I will sell a lot of those! I am also going to sell little stuffed animals for kids younger than me.

River Boat Days is going to be a long time from now but it’s good because I can plan early and save my money to get all this stuff to sell.

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